We are an experienced guild with years of collective MMO & gaming experience. We welcome you  to join us in this awesome adventure of  online gaming. Whether you are Hard Core or just a casual player, <BG> has an important place for you that recognize you as an important asset.

  Our reputation is important, so is our collective growth. We stride in helping  all members (experienced or non-experienced) to help evolve towards game content as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

    <Blackmire Group> is on a mission, to be respected and recognized as the top premiere guild within online gaming community.

"Coming Together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success....."

We are <Blackmire Group> and we are one.

Join Us Today!

Alias welcome!!!! If interested contact Madseal!

TS3 for registered members only!!

Now recruiting for Star Citizen , contact Madseal